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Compass Box Asyla Single Malt Scotch (93WE) (750ml) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Compass Box Asyla Single Malt Scotch (93WE) (750ml)
"Top 50 Spirits of 2011... A top choice for those who prefer a lighter whisky style. The pale straw color and gentle vanilla and fresh pear aromas hint at what’s to come. On the palate, expect a flash of sweetness, finishing with caramel and a faint veil of smoke. Mouthwatering...93" WE 9/11 "Gold color. Floral aromas balanced with a gentle vanilla sweetness, and soft fruit. Soft, rounded body. The palate delivers what the aroma promises in a very clean and balanced way. Pleasing finish." (Vol. 11, #3) Reviewed by: John Hansell - Whisky Advocate
Product #: 144694

Bottle Price: $52.00
Case Price: $624.00

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