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There are a number of issues with this first release that we would like to make everyone aware of before diving in.   This list is designed to point out any mechanical glitches in the functionality of the site and in some not-as-yet polished account and checkout pages.   All of these items will be corrected with our next point release.

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Thank you for bearing with us while we're in this transition state.


Create an Account

bullet  To create an account you are required to enter a username, password and an answer to a security question. For our next point release we will be doing away with the username and security question for a quicker, easier setup.

bullet  Once the Log In, Password and Security question is validated you will be redirected to an Update Account page which must be completed before moving on. You will find that no other link or tab will allow you out of this screen until you complete the form. Another option is to log out completely.

Update Account Screen (Issues to be aware of)

bullet  IMPORTANT:  The phone number field CAN NOT contain spaces or dashes. This creates an additional problem if you check "Same as Shipping".  If you do make this selection before removing the spaces and dashes, then you have to make the change to the phone number in the Contact Info section of the screen.  Then deselect "Same as Shipping" and reselect "Same as Shipping" to get the corrected number saved.

bullet  There is no dropdown for the state field.

bullet  The messaging for errors and succesful saves are a small font and appear only at the very top of the page.

bullet  You have to click the Update button in red at the bottom of the screen to save your information.

bullet  Once the Update is complete you will not be redirected to the home page.  This causes confusion particularly when it's difficult to see the messaging.  To begin shopping click on the Zachys logo or the Retail Home tab.

bullet  If you need to make a change to your account information you will be required to re-enter your age a second time.

Update Address Book

bullet  You can only update an address after it has been added.

Credit Card and Billing Address

bullet  If you enter a credit card in advance of checkout from the My Account area your billing address will carry over into the payment page.  However, if you do not elect to add a card in advance the billing address will have to be entered a 2nd time. 

Local Delivery Service

bullet  If you're a tried and true local customer who frequently orders online to have your wine delivered our new site does not default to "Local Delivery" when it reads your address.  Please be aware that you will have the change the drop down on checkout.

Username and Password Retrieval

bullet  If you forget your username or password you can retrieve them by clicking on Forgot Your Username or Password? from the Log In page.  However, when you log back in you not redirected to the home page but to the retrieve Password/Username page.  To get to the home page, please Retail Home tab or the Logo in the upper left hand corner.

Browser Issues

bullet  We are aware that certain browsers may display our site differently than intended.  Currently we support the following browsers:  IE6, IE7 and Firefox (although some of the informational items such as the videos section has a poor alignment).

Left Bar Navigation

bullet  As you drill down different menu selections from the navigation on the left hand side of the page you are able to reset the entire set of selections in two ways: 

1)  Left click the Retail Home tab or the Zachys logo at the top left corner of any page.  This will redirect you to the home page and close any navigation selections. 

2) Click the X next to Remove All Refinements.  This will appear as the very last item under your navigation choices as shown in bold from the example below.

- Zachys Recommends: [x]

- Country: Italy [x] 

- Varietal: Blend [x]

- Remove All Refinements [x]  <-- Click here to remove all the selections above and begin again.

bullet  You can also remove 1 of many navigation selections to allow you to step back (Ex:  1 - shown in bold) or filter out of a list a particular navigation item (Ex: 2 - shown in bold):

Ex: 1

- Zachys Recommends: [x]

- Country: Italy [x] 

- Varietal: Blend [x]  <-- Click here if you'd like to take one step back in your navigation selection.

Ex: 2

- Zachys Recommends: [x]

- Country: Italy [x]  <-- Click here if you'd like to remove wines of Italy from the search results.  This will reset the product results to Varietal Blends in the Zachys Recommends list.

- Varietal: Blend [x]