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New York Fine Wine Storage
Zachys' Top Recommended Wine Storage Facility in Westchester

New York Fine Wine Storage

Founded in 1997, New York Fine Wine Storage was formed from a need for premium, high-quality, secure, temperature-controlled wine storage... Starting with Zachys! It is the natural tendency of wine collectors to grab the most sought after wines upon release. We all know there can be years (and sometimes decades) from when the wines are released until the time they reach optimum drinking potential. As a result, Zachys clients were committing to cases but had no real home.

In stepped New York Fine Wine Storage to create that “real home” and provide safe, secure and reliable wine storage for NY Metro area customers (and beyond). This wine storage facility would be modeled after the needs of Zachys and its client base so that there would be a guaranteed environment where wines would be stored in a warehouse that was protected from: Temperature, light, humidity and electrical interruptions.

Global warming has brought some pretty crazy conditions in the last decade and every time the power has gone out the back-up generator system has kicked in (including the massive blackout of 2003 and this past March - our generator was humming through the whole thing).

New York Fine Wine Storage has been held to extremely high standards as it protects Zachys most valuable asset... The wine for the store and pre-sold merchandise for it’s clients. With 65 years of servicing the fine wine needs of the U.S. market under Zachys belt, you know that they will make sure your most treasured wine bottles are stored in similar fashion to theirs.

To find out more information about storing your wines with NYFWS please reach out to Daniel Fermin at 914.723.5798. Your wines will be in GOOD COMPANY!

NYFW Storage
39 Westmoreland Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606
914.723.5798 (phone)
914.723.1033 (fax)
e-mail: info@nyfws.com
web: http://www.nyfws.com

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