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Wine Storage

We have always understood at Zachys that fine wine is an investment that should be protected. Whether you are talking of a $25 Chardonnay to a collectible $2,500 rare Bordeaux the handling of the wine needs to be the same. The importance of great storage is paramount for all our stocks at Zachys and it is the reason why New York Fine Wine Storage has maintained the exact same type of facility. Storing wine in a safe, controlled and temperate climate will insure the longevity and graceful aging of all your wines.

New York Fine Wine Storage (Zachys wine storage partner) has had all the necessary components for professional wine storage from day one. Run in a secure monitored environment, the climate controlled setting as run by the 50 ton refrigeration system is exactly what your wines need. Assisted by back up generators and a 24 hour temperature control alarm a constant and even temperature grade is guaranteed.

In addition to proper handling of your wines while in storage with us, New York Fine Wine Storage also offers a full range of professional packing, pick-up, delivery and shipment of wine. For more information please contact Zachys by e-mail at cs@zachys.com or call us at (914) 723–5798.

Bordeaux Storage Options