Auctions Currently Open For Bidding

(June 15-25)

Upcoming Live Auctions

Fine & Rare Wines, New York

Upcoming Internet Auctions

Hong Kong zCollections
(June 30 - July 10)

How can I get an auction catalog?
What is a parcel lot?
What do these estimates mean? What should I bid?
Do I need to register in order to attend the auction?
I am placing absentee bids in an upcoming sale. How will I know if I have any successful bids?
Do I need to know my client number when filling out my absentee bid form?
Do I need to send in the collection and delivery form with my bids?
Do you need banking information as well as my credit card information to process my bids?
Can I pay by credit card?
I purchased wine at your last auction. Where is it located?
Will I automatically get my wine after the sale?
When is the earliest I can have my wine delivered?
Can items from one invoice be delivered to multiple addresses?
Do you deliver overseas?
What are my delivery options?
I just received a bill from New York Fine Wine Storage. What is this?
I'm interested in consigning wine. What do I do?
The labels on my bottles have deteriorated. Are they still auctionable?
I would like a valuation of my cellar for insurance purposes. How much will that cost?
How do I bid?
What is the difference between “Send to Storage” and “Ship Automatically”?
If I choose to “Pickup at Zachys,” what are the addresses for Scarsdale and White Plains?
What do the estimates mean? What should I bid?
What are the bidding increments?
What does “Your Max:” mean, and how do max bids work?
How can I view and manage all of my current bids?
What is the cutoff time for me to submit a bid?
How do I find a specific wine that I want to bid on?
When do I pay for my purchases?
How do I collect my wines?
How can I contact Zachys?
What are my delivery options to Hong Kong?
What should I consider when choosing a delivery address?
I don't know when I will be home to accept delivery. What should I do?
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