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What Makes Zachys Different

When my father-in-law purchased Zachys from his father in 1961 he had two visions for his era in the business...

1. To introduce fine wine from around the world to a client base that had historically been spirits driven in the past.

2. To provide the utmost in customer service and always try to do it with knowledge, humor, flexibility and personality.

What was true to Don and his 2 employees back in 1961 still rings true at Zachys today.

We continue to strive to have one of the most complete selections of fine wines and spirits in America. It is not enough for us to have the wine on our shelves but rather to take the time and energy to regularly travel throughout the wine world...seek out the gems...and bring them back to Scarsdale.

Where Don realized most of his success over the last 4 decades of selling fine wine was in his "What Makes Zachys Different" advertising campaign. This was a series of ads in which he would have the opportunity for the wine loving community to learn more about the personalities and activities at Zachys that sets it apart from most.

With stories like...

...the sales manager who joined us 25 years ago because his train broke down in Scarsdale and he decided to wait while they serviced the train and applied for a job.

...the personal trainer who had a love for wine and took the part time job in his free hours in the evening. With a working knowledge of computers told us the age of the internet was coming and now heads up ALL IT operations for the enterprise.

...the leading salesman in the store that is schooled as a medical doctor but chooses to sell wine as this is his passion. The customers line up to walk the store, pick his brain and soak up his enthusiasm for wine.

And the stories, just go on and on and on and on.

What I take such great pride in when interviewing new potential prospects for the store is making the statement that Zachys would not be 1/2 of what it is today without the GREAT people who work here. It is staggering the number of employees that we have with us currently that have worked for us for 10 years or more.

And it's about the people.

People walk through the door at Zachys to be met with a comforting smile and the typical question..."Have you shopped with us before?"

It is our intent to welcome you in to a wine world that is overloaded with regions, varietals and wines...so much so that it can be very intimidating. We want you to walk away from your Zachys experience with a smile and the satisfaction that this wine experience was everything you expected and MORE.

Our philosophy and policy is just the same on the phone, e-mail and web site. While presenting hurdles with less personal contact it is our hope to convey to our clients that we are about MUCH MORE than the wine. We want you to know we are a complete package that is here to service all your wine needs.

It's nice, that although started over 40 years ago, Zachys has managed to stay true to Don's goals and we hope that Zachys.com manages to properly communicate to our on-line shoppers that Zachys is a truly special place in the wine world.

All my best

Andrew McMurray
(A.k.a. The Son-In-Law)